Class Descriptions

Body Pump

This weights based class, uses high repetitions for fat burning, which will strengthen and sculpt your entire body.

Body Balance

Is a yoga, tai chi and pilates class, which enhances flexibility, and strength. This class will create harmony and balance through breathing techniques, and core control.

Box Fit

An empowering cardio workout, which allows you to feel released. Boxing is a contact fitness routine, however is in a safe and controlled environment to allow for beginners to learn the basics.


An indoor cycling workout which is controlled by your own resistance gauge. You will be lead through levels of hills and sprint intervals, which will aid in shaping and toning your legs, whilst also improving your fitness.


A 30 minute high intensity Spin bike class designed to burn calories and keep your body burning them long after you’ve finished. Work at your own pace. Suitable for all fitness levels.


A fun and aerobic workout, choreographed to challenge the cardiovascular system. Suited to all levels of fitness, by adjusting your step.

ABS Worx

ABS Worx provides the vital ingredient for a strong core and body. All the moves have options, so it’s challenging but achievable for your own level of fitness.


Yoga is a form of exercise that uses slow movements and stretching. It is good for increasing flexibility and balance. It is also good for relieving stress and relaxing.


The zumba program fuses slow and fast latin rythyms and easy-to-follow moves to create a fitness program to tone and sculpt your body, while fat burning.


Metafit is a bodyweight workout that combines old school bodyweight exercises in a high intensity interval training (HIIT) format. Functional whole body exercises done for short bursts, short rest, at high intensity. The best bit-classes last just 30 minutes!