Returning to Feelgood

Feels good to be back!

Feelgood will be open again from June 22, ready to welcome all of our current members and new ones to our Golden Square and Strathdale Clubs.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started again at Feelgood Fitness.

1. How do I get back using the gym with new restrictions in place?

Before you can recommence using the Feelgood facilities, all members need to personally come into either our Strathdale or Golden Square locations to re-register and update all your personal details, as per government regulations. At this time, you will also receive new 24/7 access fob for entry. We will announce in the coming days when our extended reception hours will open and be ready for you to collect your new fob.

Additionally, to ensure we are able to operate within the current regulations, we have implemented a new security software program called ClubFit.

2. when can i come in to re-register?

You can come and complete your re-registration process from this weekend with extended reception hours, or during regular staffed hours for your return to Feelgood.



  • Saturday June 20, 11am – 3pm

  • Monday June 22, 6am – 9am

Golden Square:

  • Sunday June 21, 11am – 3pm

  • Tuesday June 23, 6am – 9am

Don’t forget!

You must bring with you to re-register:

  • Your drivers license or current ID

  • Your previous 24/7 access fob/card

  • Bank account details if you are a Direct Debit customer

We are updating member details to fall in line with the government regulation and to transfer you across to our new security software system.

3. Will my membership fees change?

No, this re-registration process is simply to ensure we are compliant with the new government regulations.

4. Can I just use the access card I already have?

No, our new software system requires a new access fob. You need collect your new fob prior to returning to the gym.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for our alternate extended staff hours to allow you to collect. Your new fob will grant you 24/7 access.

5. What extra COVID-19 precautions have been implemented

Feelgood has had it facilities and equipment hygienically sanitised with commercial grade disinfectant.

Extra sanitisation stations are in place, and all members will be supplied upon entry with a sanitisation kit to use as they train, and return upon exiting.

Normal social distancing rules will also apply. Refer to our restriction signage within the Club.


Currently, our Flora Hill facility is yet to be given the green-light by Latrobe. We will keep you updated as we learn more about group classes and access to this facility.

There will also be restrictions to the number of members allowed in each of our multiple zoned fitness areas. Please refer to the signage within each Club which details this. Our new ClubFit app will help assist members with a Feelgood communication and in club updates.

6. Are all three clubs re-opening on June 22?

No. Unfortunately, our Flora Hill club is yet to be given the green-light by La Trobe University. We will keep you informed as this situation changes. All members
of course still have 24/7 access to our other two clubs at Strathdale and Golden Square.

7. Will I be able to attend group fitness classes at the Flora Hill club?

No. Unfortunately, due to La Trobe University access restrictions our Flora Hill club will remain closed until further notice. This means all group fitness classes are also suspended until this situation changes. Please keep checking back to our website or facebook page for further updates.

8. When will my direct debit payments recommence?

The gyms will reopen on June 22 for you to use, and your fortnightly direct debits will be reactivated from this date moving forward and will fall in line with your regular debit cycle.

9. What will happen to the ‘lost time’ on my membership?

The duration of the closure time will be added to all memberships.

10. What do i need to bring to recommence at Feelgood?

  • All members must bring their own towel at all times.
  • Bring a drink bottle, as bubble taps can not be used, but you can refill your drink bottle from these stations.
  • Good health – if you are unwell in any way, please do not attend and adhere to hygiene regulations.
  • Your new access fob – given to you when you update your details and complete the re-registration form, to comply with government regulations

11. Who do I speak to if I have a question about my membership?

Pease call our team during office hours to assist.

12. Are there any changes to the 24/7 access?

No, Feelgood is still a 24/7 access gym, however you must re-register to receive your new fob for access. Please adhere to all hygiene and social distancing guidelines when ever you train, day or night.

13. What’s happening with classes?

There are no classes at this time, as Latrobe University is unable to grant us access to our Flora Hill club and class location.