Ladies First

At Feelgood we put ladies first by providing a zoned ladies only area.

This means our ladies can exercise in comfort and in a non-intimidating environment without compromising the quality of the equipment.
At our Strathdale and Golden Square locations we have a designated area to help the ladies of Bendigo to feel good!


Cardio exercise is very important in any exercise regime.

At Feelgood, we offer a huge range of choices to get your heart pumping:

  • Treadmills for a brisk walk or running in all weather conditions.
  • Free standing, Spinning and recumbent Bicycles to burn those calories fast.
  • Stepping machines to tone up your butt and thighs.
  • Cross trainers for effective low impact training.
  • Cardio classes such as Boxing and Aerobics.
  • Designated Cardio Fitness areas.


Weights are essential for every Bendigo body to feel good!

There is a vast range of equipment suitable for toning and strengthening all parts of the body.
Should you want to increase your muscle size and definition or just tone those loose areas, our weights area at Feelgood will help you to achieve success.

Personal Training

Personal Trainers are fully qualified, friendly and they will help you to take your fitness to the next level.

Personal Training isn’t just for the celebrities, it can help everyday people get amazing results!
Possibly for that special occasion, summer just around the corner or perhaps to get you ready for that sporting challenge. One-on-one Personal Training is the answer.
There are many options available; from casual passes to personal training packages. Our personal trainers are here for your convenience to work together with you to develop with a program that suits your needs and goals whilst keeping you motivated.


Group Classes are a great way to maximise your training.

They put the fun back into exercising in a 30 minute session. When you need a little boost with your motivation or just want to push yourself a little harder, then Feelgood is group classes leave you feeling invigorated and ready to go!
It’s amazing how fast the time goes in a Group class and many Feelgood members have found they achieve better results by simply incorporating one Group class a week.
So whether its for the social network or just to test out your fitness, come and jump into a Group Class one day this week.